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I created this website so I can help others to learn how to draw too. I began laying out drawing tutorials for in-class and online that were easy and step-by-step. As a Pencil Realist Artist, I have taught hundreds of adults & children how to draw. I have taught portraits, wildlife, & pets through Loyalist College in Ontario, Canada.

I have also designed Canada’s first online drawing courses. These classes are offered through eight Ontario Community Colleges in both pencil & colored pencils.  I also offer children art classes  in Drawing Animals Continuing Education as well as in private lessons in my home.

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What is the difference between a realistic pencil
drawing and a sketch?

How to draw a dog drawing tutorialA realistic pencil drawing is a drawing that is realistic to our eye as being ‘real to life.’ So in other words, the subject(s) will look realistically close as though you had taken a photo. Now in saying this, a realistic pencil drawing can also have fantasy type characters in which they appear so lifelike you could imagine it being in the real world.

A sketch is a loose freehand drawing that lacks fine details.  It is typically a preliminary drawing serving as a quick study in a method of recording it for later use. A quick sketch can be a final drawing for artists or it can be a preliminary sketch before they work in the details with pencil, coloured pencils, conte, pastels etc. or to paint.

~ Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorials ~

drawing-bluejayIn the next few months I will be posting drawing tutorials in pencil ranging from still life, animals, pets, wildlife, people and landscapes. Over the years, I have drawn and designed many step-by-step drawing lessons so people can learn how to draw.

Also learn about pencil techniques, paper surfaces, pencils, photography tips for good reference photos and tools of the trade.


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