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Realistic Pencil Drawing - Learn To Draw - Backyard Squirrel

From an early age I have been fascinated with realistic pencil drawing. I love recreating life as we see and know it. My drawings are known to be true to life. It is this  process that has helped me to pay closer attention to the smaller details that are often missed in our daily lives. These are the moments that I want to capture through my portraits and wildlife subjects.

As a Pencil Realist Artist, I have taught hundreds of adults & children of how to draw people & pet portraits through Loyalist College in Ontario, Canada. I have also designed Canada’s first online drawing coursesThese classes are offered through Eight Ontario Community Colleges in both pencil & colored pencils.  I also offer children art lessons in Drawing Animals through Loyalist College and conduct private lessons in my home.

If you would like to learn to draw with pencil or coloured pencil check out my online drawing classes.

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