Learn How To Draw

I can help you to learn how to draw whether you are a complete beginner or you have been learning for years and have been frustrated by your progress. I have been teaching adults and children for over 20 years now with creating realistic pencil drawings step-by-step.

I offer clear, detailed instructions to help you move from one level to another covering every aspect of my drawing techniques along the way. Learn how to draw in the comfort of your own home or even at the cottage.

Teach Me How To Draw
Pencil Drawing Online Course - Drawing a Nose

Melissa Schatzmann, Pencil Realist Artist & Instructor

Melissa began teaching children and adults drawing courses in pencil in 1999 at Loyalist College.

In 2003, she designed and created Canada's first online drawing classes in graphite and colored pencils being offered through community colleges. These online classes are offered presently through thirteen Ontario community colleges.

Pencil Drawing - The Beauty of Patience - Melissa Schatzmann
Chalk Pastels - Snow Leopard - Realistic Drawing