I have had the opportunity to review the book, Around The World In 80 Drawings. This book would be a great gift for the creative person and for those who love to travel.

The book contains 80 drawings of well known places and even those you have never heard about before. Each place mentioned has a list of fun facts and a location map on one side with the inspiration to do your own drawing on the right side. How cool is that!

Each page also has valuable pencil tips so you can ensure your drawings goes well.  At the beginning of the book it will provide you with a list of some basic pencil tools you can use in your drawings.

Buy this book as a gift for someone else or for yourself! Educate children about the different locations around the world and to get them drawing (it will get them away from those video games too!) This book is available on Amazon at a very affordable cost.

Around The World in 80 Drawings

On The Back Cover:

Around the World in 80 Drawings is an enjoyable sketching book that will sweep you away to different global locations and provide you with fun facts about each site. Not only will you will learn something interestingabout each place, as you work your way through the pages, you will also have a sketched example of each subject to inspire your own unique designs. In addition, helpful tips on each page will give you guidance on elements to consider and tricks to ensure your drawing is a true masterpiece!

Whether travelling the world in your imagination, or actually taking this book on your own trips, you will get a taste of the wide world we live in; who knows, maybe it will even spark ideas or desires for future travels.

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Melissa Schatzmann is a pencil realist artist. and has taught children and adults how to draw for the past 17 years. As well, she has designed Canada’s first online drawing and coloured pencil courses being offered through Continuing Education in Community Colleges. These courses are now in thirteen Ontario Colleges.

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