How To Draw White Whiskers On A Golden Retriever In Pencil

In this tutorial, I am going to use a Stylus. You can buy various sizes in a package of three at Michael's Craft Store. Each end has a different size.

Take your stylus and with added pressure stroke out where you would like the whiskers to go on the animal you are drawing. Be sure to go a bit fast as you don't want to stop and go. This will make fatter areas for each stopping point which wouldn't look natural. I wouldn't use the smallest tip size unless you are wanting very narrow and skinny whiskers. I usually use the medium or thick tip sizes depending on how large I want the whiskers to be.

This is the end result with the white whiskers showing on the golden retriever. I had also stroked in some smaller hairs just below the nose and above the eyes.

This entire drawing tutorial is available in my online drawing course, Drawing Realistic Subjects In Pencil.


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Melissa Schatzmann is a pencil realist artist. and has taught children and adults how to draw for the past 17 years. As well, she has designed Canada’s first online drawing and coloured pencil courses being offered through Continuing Education in Community Colleges. These courses are now in thirteen Ontario Colleges.

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