Drawing a 3D Apple Skull

Well, I do have to say this is pretty cool. This drawing was done by artist, Vamos Sandor (you can check out his youtube channel by clicking on his name).

3D art is becoming more and more popular and creative. I am so amazed at the cool outcomes that appear like three-dimensional when in fact it's an illusion.

In this instructional video the artist uses watercolour paints, markers, colored pencils,  a white gel pen and grey markers. When the results are finished you could swear that the apple is floating on top of the paper while casting a shadow on it. He will show you the illusion of how it appears in front of you verses what you really see.

Drawing a 3D Ford Model

Here is the same artist below drawing a 3D Ford Model vehicle.

The materials he used in this drawing was Letraset PROMARKERs, prismacolor pencils, white gel pen, gray stabilo marker, black Faber-Castel pen on grey paper.

Too bad we couldn't draw these 3D drawings for real. Make it a large scale model and jump in and drive away!

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Melissa Schatzmann is a pencil realist artist. and has taught children and adults how to draw for the past 17 years. As well, she has designed Canada’s first online drawing and coloured pencil courses being offered through Continuing Education in Community Colleges. These courses are now in thirteen Ontario Colleges.

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