How to Draw Taylor Swift

Step-by-Step Instructions of How To Draw Taylor Swift


 Materials Needed:

2H, HB, 2B, 3B pencils
Soft Brush for wiping away debris
Mechanical Pencil
Clickable Eraser (Tuff Stuff or Tombow Mono Zero Eraser)
Kneaded Eraser
Strathmore Bristol Vellum Paper (I use the back)

Learn How To Draw Taylor Swift

How To Draw Taylor SwiftClick For Larger View

1. Start with drawing the outline of Taylor Swift.  I recommend using an HB pencil but if you find you are heavy-handed you may want to use a lighter pencil such as a 2H, B, or F pencil.  Make your outlines precise instead of sketchy with loose sporadic lines. Making a sketch is fine as a preliminary stage before your drawing.



How To Draw Taylor Swift

Learn To Draw The Eyes

2. Let's begin with the right eye in shading the pupil with a 2B pencil. I always begin with shading lightly and then will build up my shading as I progress. Why I do this is so that if I want to make a change I can easily do this without leaving any residue behind on my drawing. I also feel that by layering you can build up the tones more naturally. Remember that every artist is different in how they draw or paint so these are my personal stages in drawing.

3.  Start with shading around the eye. Next, shade in the pupil and begin building up layers. When shading in the iris, shade as though you are coming out from the pupil. Next, shade in layers to darken in the make-up above and below her eye where indicated.  Blend all areas with a tortillion.

You can use the dirty tortillion to lightly add some grey tones to the corner of the eye.

4. Take a 2H pencil and lightly shade in the skin around the eye. You will see that she has some eye shadow  above her eye to shade in as well.

Remember that we can always go back to the eye later to make any necessary changes.


How To Draw Taylor Swift

5. So just as we duplicate the above steps, we are now going to draw Taylor's left eye (at least from our view it is the left one!)  While we want to get the eyes to be as close as possible, no two eyes are the exact same.

6. Next, shaded in around the sides of the nostrils and inside the nose using an HB pencil. Shape the sides of the nostrils with a 2B pencil. Be careful not to darken them too much. The nostrils should be the darkest area on the nose here. Blend the nostrils with a tortillion.


How To Draw Taylor Swift

Learn To Draw The Nose

6. Again with an HB pencil begin shading horizontally the sides of the nose. As you shade down the sides of the nose, you will shade into the cheek areas.

7. Use a 2B pencil and begin building up the tones on the nose. Use a kleenex to blend.

8. Using a kneaded eraser dab out highlights on the top of the nose and on the sides of the nostrils.

9. Shade in the area between the bottom of the and the top of the mouth. Blend with a kleenex.


How To Draw Taylor Swift

 Learn to Draw the Mouth

10. As we begin shading the lip, take a 2B pencil and shade in the top and bottom lip. You will see in this illustration I have already blended in the top lip.


How To Draw Taylor Swift

11. Continue with blending in the bottom lip. Use a 2B or 3B pencil to darken in the corner of the mouth and shadowed areas on the lips.

12. Darken the area between each tooth.

13. Take a clickable eraser and take out highlights. Next, use a 2B pencil and stroke in some creases on the top and bottom lip.

14. Continue building up the shadows and darker areas.

You may need to go back and forth to your pencil, tortillion, kneaded eraser and clickable.

Learn To Draw The Teeth

15. Shape the teeth using an HB pencil. Darken between each tooth again as well as the corners of the mouth.  Shade in the area between each tooth.

16. Shade in the teeth and blend with a tortillion.

How To Draw Taylor Swift

17. Take out lightened areas using a kneaded eraser.

18. Use a dirty tortillion to dark in the shadowed areas on the teeth. Again, you may be going back and forth to the kneaded eraser, pencil and tortillion.

How To Draw Taylor Swift


Learn To Shade The Skin

19. Shade in the skin using an HB or B pencil. Make sure when you shade your strokes are close together in filling in any white gaps in between.  You always shade in the face in a circular method. The shading should slightly curve down from the nose into the cheek area. The shading on the forehead and chin would be horizontally shaded.

20. Begin shaping the neck area under the chin. The shading should be a bit darker than the shading on her face. Blend all areas with a kleenex. Make sure your finger is placed in the kleenex and that it's not all scrunched up.


How To Draw Taylor Swift

21. Continue with shading the right side of the face using the same steps. Continue building up shadowed areas on the face.

22. Shade and darken in the long shadow on her right side where the hair is making a shadow on her face.

How To Draw Taylor Swift

23.  Continue building up shadowed areas on the face.

24. Shade and darken areas around her eyes in building up shadows.

25. Shade in the eyebrows, blend with a tortillion. Stroke in hair on each eyebrow with making sure you stroke up and out in the direction the hair grows.

26. Stroke in dark eyelashes on the upper and lower lids.

27. I used an electric eraser to take out highlights around the corners of her eyes and then muted them with a kleenex.