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Drawing Realistic Subjects In Coloured Pencil

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8 Coloured Pencil Drawing Lessons!
Valuable Feedback Included For Each Lesson

Drawing Lessons Included In This Course:

<strong>Drawing A Ball</strong>
Drawing A Ball
Learn how to layer with coloured pencils in shaping a ball to appear realistic. Learn about the values that make up a subject (light, mid-tone, shadow, reflected light and shadow).
<strong>Drawing an Apple</strong>
Drawing an Apple
Learn how to draw a realistic apple in following the roundness of its contour shape with coloured pencils. Learn about achieving undertones and achieving realism.    
<strong>Drawing An Eye</strong>
Drawing An Eye
Learn the many secrets in how to draw facial features. Learn about layering skin tones in shaping the upper lid and stroking in eyelashes.  
<strong>Drawing A Mouth</strong>
Drawing A Mouth
Learn how to draw a mouth with coloured pencils. Learn to build up skin tones and creating realistic teeth.  
<strong>Drawing an Ear</strong>
Drawing an Ear
Learn how to draw a realistic ear in coloured pencils. Learn about layering to achieve a three-dimensional effect between shadow and light.  
<strong>Drawing Cat Eyes</strong>
Drawing Cat Eyes
Learn how to draw Cat Eyes. Lessons teaches about how to draw fur and how it's important to stay in the direction the hair grows.
<strong>Drawing a Black Cat</strong>
Drawing a Black Cat
Learn how to draw a black cat with layering to achieve rich black tone fur and stroking in white whiskers.
<strong>Drawing A Rose</strong>
Drawing A Rose
Learn how to draw a rose in coloured pencils in learning about shadowed and light areas in creating petals.