Yes, you read that correctly. You can actually plant your pencil and watch it grow.

When your Sprout pencil gets too small you can just plant it!

So instead of throwing away your pencil stub you can plant and grow Basil, Dill, Mint, Rosemary, Thyme, Cherry Tomotoes, Green Peppers, Marigolds, Calendula, Coriander,  Sage or Forget-Me-Nots.


The pencils are high-quality #2 pencils and made of sustainably-harvested cedar.

I am so curious about these pencils. Americans can buy them from Amazon: Sprout Pencil: Herb Pack but they are not sold to us Canadians under website. So disappointing! So calling all those who are reading this blog! Please email me and send along your pencil plants. I would love to hear and see the progress.


 For more information check out their website at



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Melissa Schatzmann is a pencil realist artist. and has taught children and adults how to draw for the past 17 years. As well, she has designed Canada’s first online drawing and coloured pencil courses being offered through Continuing Education in Community Colleges. These courses are now in thirteen Ontario Colleges.